”There is me, [Alex], and my three Grrrlz, Petra, Georgia, and Mid, Mid being really mid, which sometimes makes me mad, though I know tisn’t really her fault, [Poor Cow!]”

– Belinda Webb, A Clockwork Apple

A Clockwork Apple (2008) by first-time novelist Belinda Webb is, as both the title and the opening paragraph suggest, a pastiche of by Anthony BurgessA Clockwork Orange (1962).

The novel parallels Burgess’ original quite closely

As with Burgess’ novel the story is told in an invented teen argot

What I did is no different from disaffected groups creating and using their own words – showing an instinctive awareness of trying to create a means of power via a shared private language. Yet it is only powerful and creative if channelled in the right way, and when its rightful place within our political discourse is recognised. The gap between ‘bringing out’ and ‘keeping in’ must be recognised.

– Belinda Webb, ”What does Belinda Webb think?”



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