Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess is best known for his novella A Clockwork Orange (1962)  which was controversially filmed by Stanley Kubrick in 1972, but he regarded that novel as amongst the least of his works.

He was also a polymath, a composer, and a scholar of James Joyce.

Burgess also wrote 1985 (1978), a dystopian satire which is both a tribute to, and pastiche of, George Orwell‘s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949).

Nadsat, the argot of A Clockwork Orange, is a memorable constructed language (or ‘conlang’). Burgess went on to create several other conlangs, such as Workers English (WE), a parody of Nineteen Eighty-Four‘s  Newspeak, for his George Orwell pastiche 1985 (1978), and Ulam for the prehistoric movie romp Quest for Fire (1981).


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