Mad Max 2

Road Warrior posterDirectorGeorge Miller. ProducerByron KennedyScreenplay: Terry Hayes, George Miller & Brian Hannant. StarringMel Gibson (”Mad” Max Rockatansky), Bruce Spence (Gyro Captain), Emil Minty (Feral Kid), Michael Preston (Pappagallo), Virginia Hey (Warrior Woman), Kjell Nilsson (The Humungus), Vernon Wells (Wez), Max Phipps (Toadie), Arkie Whiteley (The Captain’s Girl), Moira Claux (Big Rebecca), David Downer (Nathan), Harold Baigent (Narrator). MusicBrian May. CinematographyDean Semler. Editors: David Stiven, Muchael Balson & Tim Wellburn. Studio:  Kennedy Miller Productions. DistributorWarner Bros. 95 mins, 1981

Just one man can make a difference

While George Miller‘s Mad Max (1979) had been set in a dystopian future where society poised on the brink of collapse, his first sequel, Mad Max 2 (aka as The Road Warrior or Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, 1981) presents us with an entirely post-apocalyptic world.

Mad Max 2 posterA second sequel, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome followed in 1986


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