Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead 1979Director: George A. Romero. ProducersRichard P. RubinsteinClaudio Argento & Alfredo Cuomo. ScreenplayGeorge A. RomeroCastDavid Emge (Stephen), Ken Foree (Peter), Scott Reiniger (Roger), Gaylen Ross (Francine), David Crawford (Dr. Foster), David Early (Mr. Berman), Richard France (Scientist), Howard Smith (TV Commentator), Daniel Dietrich (Givens), Fred Baker (Commander), Jim Baffico (Wooley), Rod Stoufer (Young Officer on Roof), Jese del Gre (Old Priest), Joe Pilato (Head Officer at Police Dock), Tom Savini (Blades), Taso Stavrakis (Sledge), George Heake (Biker with long hair). MusicGoblin & Dario Argento. Cinematography: Michael Gornick. EditorGeorge A. Romero. Studio: Laurel group Inc. Distributor: United Film Distribution Company. 117 mins (Italy), 127 mins (US), 139 mins (US Extended cut), 155 mins (Extended Mall Hours Cut). 1978 (Italy), 1979 (US).

When There’s No More Room in Hell The Dead Will Walk the Earth.

Dawn of the Dead (1979) was the first sequel to George A. Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead (1968) and the second part of his original Dead trilogy.


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