Day of the Dead

Day of the DeadDirector: George A Romero. Producer: Richard P. Rubinstein. Writer: George A Romero. Starring: Lori Cardille (Dr. Sarah Bowman), Joseph Pilato (Captain Henry Rhodes), Terry Alexander (John), Jarlath Conroy (William “Bill” McDermott), Anthony Dileo Jr. (Pvt. Miguel Salazar), Richard Liberty (Dr. Matthew “Frankenstein” Logan), Sherman Howard (Bub the Zombie), Gary Howard Klar (Pvt. Steele), Ralph Marrero (Pvt. Rickles), John Amplas (Dr. Ted Fisher), Phillip G. Kellams (Pvt. Miller), Taso N. Stavrakis (Pvt. Torrez), Gregory Nicotero (Pvt. Johnson). Music: John Harrison, Jim Blazer, Sputzy Sparacino. Studio: Dead Films Inc, Laurel Entertainment Inc, Laurel-Day Inc.. Distributor: United Film Distribution Company. 100 mins. 1985

The Darkest Day of Horror the World Has Ever Known

Day of the Dead (1985) was the third part of George A Romero‘s original ”Trilogy of the Dead”


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