The Conversation

ConversationDirector: Francis Ford Coppola. Producer: Francis Ford Coppola. Screenplay: Francis Ford Coppola. Starring: Gene Hackman (Harry Caul), John Cazale (Stan), Allen Garfield (William P. “Bernie” Moran), Cindy Williams (Ann), Frederic Forrest (Mark), Harrison Ford (Martin Stett), Michael Higgins (Paul), Elizabeth MacRae (Meredith), Teri Garr (Amy Fredericks), Mark Wheeler (Receptionist), Robert Shields (Mime), Phoebe Alexander (Lurleen), Robert Duvall (Director), Richard Hackman (Priest / Security guard), Gian-Carlo Coppola (Boy in church). Music: David Shire. Cinematography: Bill Butler. Editors: Richard Chew & Walter Murch. Studio: Paramount Pictures, American Zoetrope, The Directors Company & The Coppola Company. Distributors: Paramount Pictures. 113 mins. 1974

Harry Call is an invader of privacy. The best in the business. He can record any conversation between two people Anywhere. So far three people are dead because of him.

Francis Ford Coppola directed The Conversation (1974) the same year as The Godfather Part II (1974) – which beat it to the Best Picture Award.


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