Dark City

Dark CityDirector: Alex Proyas. Producers: Alex Proyas & Andrew Mason. ScreenplayAlex Proyas, David S. Goyer & Lem Dobbs. Story: Alex Proyas. Starring: Rufus Sewell (John Murdoch), William Hurt (Inspector Frank Bumstead), Kiefer Sutherland (Dr. Daniel P. Schreber), Jennifer Connelly (Emma Murdoch / Anna), Richard O’Brien (Mr. Hand), Ian Richardson (Mr. Book), Bruce Spence (Mr. Wall), Colin Friels (Det. Eddie Walenski), John Bluthal (Karl Harris), Melissa George (May), Ritchie Singer as Hotel Manager / Vendor), Nicholas Bell (Mr. Rain), David Wenham (Schreber’s Assistant). Music: Trevor Jones. Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski. Editors: Dov Hoenig. Studio: New Line Cinema & Mystery Clock Cinema. Distributor: New Line Cinema & New Line Home Video. 100 mins (theatrical cut) / 112 mins (Director’s Cut). 1998

They built the city to see what makes us tick.

Dark City (1998)


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