The Elephant Man

Elephant ManDirectorDavid Lynch. Producers: Jonathan Sanger, Stuart Cornfeld & Mel Brooks. Screenplay: Christopher De Vore, Eric Bergren & David Lynch from a story by Sir Frederick Treves  & Ashley Montagu. Starring: Anthony Hopkins (Frederick Treves), John Hurt (John Merrick), Anne Bancroft (Madge Kendal), John Gielgud (Mr. Carr-Gomm), Wendy Hiller (Mrs. Mothershead), Freddie Jones (Bytes), Dexter Fletcher (Bytes’ boy), Michael Elphick (Night Porter), Hannah Gordon (Ann Treves), Helen Ryan (Alex, HRH The Princess of Wales), John Standing (Fox), Lesley Dunlop (Nora), Phoebe Nicholls (Mary Jane Merrick). MusicJohn Morris. CinematographyFreddie Francis. EditorAnne V. Coates. Studio: Brooksfilms. 1980. 124 mins.

”I am not an animal. I am a human being.”

The Elephant Man (1980)

Note: Frederick Treves, great-nephew of the surgeon, appears as the Alderman trying to close down the show in the opening sequence.



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