Beyond Lies the Wub

Beyond Lies the WubThe Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume One

The first volume of the complete short stories of Philip K. Dick.


Preface, from a letter to John BetancourtForeword, by Steven Owen Godersky
Introduction, by Roger Zelazny

  1. Stability
  2. Roog
  3. The Little Movement
  4. Beyond Lies the Wub
  5. The Gun
  6. The Skull
  7. The Defenders
  8. Mr. Spaceship
  9. Piper in the Woods
  10. The Infinites
  11. The Preserving Machine
  12. Expendable
  13. The Variable Man
  14. The Indefatigable Frog
  15. The Crystal Crypt
  16. The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford
  17. The Builder
  18. Meddler
  19. Paycheck
  20. The Great C
  21. Out in the Garden
  22. The King of the Elves
  23. Colony
  24. Prize Ship
  25. Nanny



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