Minority Report

Minority ReportThe Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume Four

The fourth collection of short stories by Philip K. Dick.


How Do You Know You’re Reading Philip K. Dick?, by James Tiptree, Jr

  1. Autofac
  2. Service Call
  3. Captive Market
  4. The Mold of Yancy
  5. The Minority Report
  6. Recall Mechanism
  7. The Unreconstructed M
  8. Explorers We
  9. War Game
  10. If There Were No Benny Cemoli
  11. Novelty Act
  12. Waterspider
  13. What the Dead Men Say
  14. Orpheus with Clay Feet
  15. The Days of Perky Pat
  16. Stand-by
  17. What’ll We Do with Ragland Park?
  18. Oh, to Be a Blobel!
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