Brian Aldiss


Brian W. Aldiss is the author of Hothouse (1962), Greybeard (1964), Barefoot in the Head (1969) and the Helliconia Trilogy, comprising of Helliconia Spring (1982), Helliconia Summer (1983) and the apocalyptic Helliconia Winter (1985).

Although already established by the Sixties he became a leading figure in the British New Wave movement and was heavily associated with the magazine New Worlds, then edited by Michael Moorcock.

  • Aldiss, Brian (1962) Hothouse
  • Aldiss, Brian (1964) Greybeard
  • Aldiss, Brian (1969) Barefoot in the Head
  • Aldiss, Brian (1982) Helliconia Spring
  • Aldiss, Brian (1983) Helliconia Summer
  • Aldiss, Brian (1985) Helliconia Winter

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