This section includes my essays on Doctor Who (1963-Present), including the Mikhail Bakhtin inspired ”Parlare the Carny?” and its spin-offs  ”Disjecta Membra: The Brain of Morbius and the Intertextual Body” and ”Gaslight and Gastromancy: The Talons of Weng-Chiang”, and the essays bracketed under the heading Making Doctor Who Mean including my analysis of John Fiske’s  ”Popularity and Ideology: A Structuralist Reading of Dr Who (1984) and John Tulloch and Manuel Alvarado’s Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text (1984).

It will shortly include essays on Patrick McGoohan‘s enigmatic The Prisoner (1967-68) and David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks (1990-92)

Essays will also look at acclaimed dramas like Troy Kennedy Martin‘s Edge of Darkness (1985) as well as unjustifyably neglected series like Brond (1987)

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