This section includes my essays on Doctor Who (1963-Present), including the Mikhail Bakhtin inspired ”Parlare the Carny?” and its spin-offs  ”Disjecta Membra: The Brain of Morbius and the Intertextual Body” and ”Gaslight and Gastromancy: The Talons of Weng-Chiang”, and the essays bracketed under the heading Making Doctor Who Mean including my analysis of John Fiske’s  ”Popularity and Ideology: A Structuralist Reading of Dr Who (1984) and John Tulloch and Manuel Alvarado’s Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text (1984).

It will shortly include essays on Patrick McGoohan‘s enigmatic The Prisoner (1967-68) and David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks (1990-92)

Essays will also look at acclaimed dramas like Troy Kennedy Martin‘s Edge of Darkness (1985) as well as unjustifyably neglected series like Brond (1987)

  1. Graceland says:

    Atasözleri öğrenme için iyi bir yönerge vardır, ve büyük bir mükâfat benim arŸdÄtırÅa±ÄŸÄ±m zaman ben bir ÅŸey yapıyorum saÄŸ. Kötü Miranda… Ben ÅŸimdiye kadar yolunu bulmaya gidiyor olmadığını merak etmeye baÅŸlıyorum. Yakında, Umarım.

  2. コメントありがとうございます。まず、夫婦仲は子どもたちから呆れられるほど仲良しです。お酒は夫婦とも呑みません。暴力は日常ではないですが、今回のことやら以前問題を起こした時には長男、次男とも夫が手をあげましたね。衝動をおさえられないというのがほかの部分でもあればもちろん相談なんですが一番ピークにやらかしてたのは夏休み期間中。学童もなく、中学じゃないので部活もなく、スポーツクラブ(地域の野球とか)に参加もなく、時間を持て余す夏休みの何回かの出来事でした。続くようなら・・と思ってたけど現在は落ち着いてます。でもご意見を参考にして相談ももちろん考えます。

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