Season One

Verity Lambert (Producer), David Whitaker (Story Editor), Mervyn Pinfield (Associate Producer)

Regular Cast: William Hartnell (First Doctor), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright) & William Russell (Ian Chesterton)

An Unearthly Child

4 Episodes: 23 November 1963 – 14 December 1963

“An Unearthly Child”
“The Cave of Skulls”
“The Forest of Fear”
“The Firemaker”

Writers: Anthony Coburn, C. E. Webber (episode 1, uncredited). Director: Waris Hussein, Douglas Camfield (film inserts, uncredited). Guest Cast: Derek Newark (Za), Alethea Charlton (Hur), Eileen Way (Old Mother), Jeremy Young (Kal), Howard Lang (Horg). Music: Norman Kay.

The Daleks

7 Episodes: 21 December 1963 – 1 February 1964

“The Dead Planet”
“The Survivors”
“The Escape”
“The Ambush”
“The Expedition”
“The Ordeal”
“The Rescue”

Writer:  Terry Nation. Director:  Christopher Barry (episodes 1,2,4,5), Richard Martin (episodes 3,6,7). Cast: Alan Wheatley (Temmosus), John Lee (Alydon), Virginia Wetherell (Dyoni), Philip Bond (Ganatus), Marcus Hammond (Antodus), Gerald Curtis (Elyon), Jonathon Crane (Kristas), Peter Hawkins, David Graham (Dalek Voices), Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser, Michael Summerton, Gerald Taylor, Peter Murphy (Daleks), Chris Browning, Katie Cashfield, Vez Delahunt, Kevin Glenny, Ruth Harrison, Lesley Hill, Steve Pokol, Jeanette Rossini, Eric Smith (Thals). Music: Tristram Cary.

The Edge of Destruction

2 Episodes: 8 February 1964 – 15 February 1964.

“The Edge of Destruction”
“The Brink of Disaster”

Writer: David Whitaker. Directors: Richard Martin (episode 1), Frank Cox (episode 2).

Marco Polo

7 Episodes: 22 February – 4 April 1964

”The Roof of the World”
“The Singing Sands”
“Five Hundred Eyes”
“The Wall of Lies”
“Rider from Shang-Tu”
“Mighty Kublai Khan”
“Assassin at Peking”

Writer: John Lucarotti. Directors: Waris Hussein & John Crockett. Cast: Mark Eden (Marco Polo), Derren Nesbitt (Tegana), Zienia Merton (Ping Cho), Martin Miller (Kublai Khan), Jimmy Gardner (Chenchu), Charles Wade (Malik), Philip Voss (Acomat), Paul Carson (Ling-Tau), Gábor Baraker (Wang-Lo), Tutte Lemkow (Kuiju), Claire Davenport — Empress), O. Ikeda (Yeng), Leslie Bates (Man at Lop), Michael Guest (Mongol Bandit), Peter Lawrence (Vizier), Basil Tang (Office Foreman). Music:

The Keys of Marinus

6 Episodes: 11 April – 16 May 1964

”The Sea of Death”
“The Velvet Web”
“The Screaming Jungle”
“The Snows of Terror”
“Sentence of Death”
“The Keys of Marinus”

Writer: Terry Nation. Director: John Gorrie. Cast:

The Aztecs

4 Episodes: 23 May – 13 June 1964

”The Temple of Evil”
“The Warriors of Death”
“The Bride of Sacrifice”
“The Day of Darkness”

Writer: John Lucarotti. Director: John Crockett. Cast:

The Sensorites

6 Episodes: 20 June – 1 August 1964

”Strangers in Space”
“The Unwilling Warriors”
“Hidden Danger”
“A Race Against Death”
“A Desperate Venture”

Writers: Peter R. Newman. Directors: Mervyn Pinfield and Frank Cox

The Reign of Terror

6 Episodes: 8 August – 12 September 1964

”A Land of Fear”
“Guests of Madame Guillotine”
“A Change of Identity”
“The Tyrant of France”
“A Bargain of Necessity”
“Prisoners of Conciergerie”

WriterDennis Spooner. Directors: Henric Hirsch & John Gorrie

  1. Champ says:

    Cher Assouline,Pour une fois, permettez que Bob Denard vous rende hommage.Il n’est jamais agréable d’avoir affaire à une folle. C’est une sale histoire, dont il est inadmissible que vous sortiez ainsi condamné – fût-ce à presque rien, et avec sursis.Grâce à vous, nous finirons peut-être par pouvoir nous offrir la &l&s;ou&nbqp;Pléiade araquo; Borges à Noël.En attendant, bravo.B.D.

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