Tomato Cain & Other Stories


Tomato Cain and Other Stories (1949) is a collection of short stories by Nigel Kneale, better known for his television work such as The Quatermass Experiment and his controversial adaptation of George Orwell‘s Nineteen Eight-Four (1949) in 1954, both of which were produced by Rudolph Cartier.

Stories include ”Enderby and the Sleeping Beauty”; ”Minuke”; ”Clog Dance for a Dead Farce”; ”Essence of Strawberry”; ”Lotus for Jamie”; ”Or Mirror Mirror”; ”Jeremy in the Wind”; ”The Excursion”; ”The Putting away of Uncle Quaggin”; ”The Photograph”; ”The Tarroo Ushtey”; ”Mrs Mancini”; ”Curphey’s Follower”; ”Quiet Mr Evans”; ”Tootie and the Cat Licences”; ”Peg”; ”Zachary Crebbin’s Angel”; ”Bini and Bettine”; ”The Stocking”; ”Who Me Signor”; ”The Pond”; ”They’re Scared Mr Bradlaugh”; ”The Calculation of N’Bambwe”; Nature Study”; ”The Patter of Tiny Feet”; and ”Tomato Cain”.

Kneale had performed the title story ”Tomato Cain” himself on the BBC Northern England Home Service radio show Stories by Northern Authors on 25th March 1946: it was the beginning of his long association with the Corporation. He also read ”Zachary Crebbin’s Angel” on the BBC Light Programme, broadcast on 19 May 1948. Other stories were published in magazines such as Argosy and The Strand.

The collection won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1950 and featured an efusive introduction by Elizabeth Bowen.



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