Queer as Folk

Nathan, Stuart & Vince

Writer: Russell T. Davies. Executive Producer: Nicola Shindler. Producer: Russell T. DaviesStarringCraig Kelly (Vince Tyler), Jason Merrells (Phil Delaney), Aidan Gillen (Stuart Alan Jones), Charlie Hunnam (Nathan Maloney), Andy Devine (Bernard Thomas), Denise Black (Hazel Tyler), Saira Todd (Lisa Levene), Esther Hall (Romey Sullivan), Juley McCann (Siobhan Potter), Alfred Robinson/Olivia K.Critchley (Baby Alfred), Carla Henry as Donna Clark), Ben Maguire as Christian Hobbs), Alison Burrows (Sandra Docherty), Susan Cookson (Marcie Finch), Caroline Pegg (Rosalie Cotter), Caroline O’Neill (Janice Maloney), Jane Cawdon (Helen Maloney), Antony Cotton (Alexander Perry), Peter O’Brien as Cameron Roberts), Jonathon Natynczyk as Dazz Collinson), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Marie Jones Threepwood), John Brobbey (Lance Amponah), Ger Ryan (Margaret Jones), Ian McElhinney (Clive Jones). MusicMurray Gold. Editor: Tony Cranstoun. Production CompanyRed Production Company. ChannelChannel 4 

Queer as Folk (1999) was a six part series written by Russell T. Davies.

QaF 1QaF 2


QaF Collectors


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