Writer: Steven Moffat. Executive Producers: Steven Moffat, Beryl Vertue & Kathryn Mitchell. Producers: Elaine Cameron & Jeffrey Taylor. Directors: Douglas Mackinnon & Matt Lipsey. Starring: James Nesbitt (Doctor Tom Jackman/Hyde), Gina Bellman (Claire Jackman), Paterson Joseph (Benjamin), Denis Lawson (Peter Syme), Michelle Ryan (Katherine Reimer), Meera Syal (Miranda), Fenella Woolgar (Min), Andrew Byrne (Eddie Jackman), Christopher Day (Harry Jackman), Bruce Mackinnon (Malcolm), Malcolm Storry (Colonel Hart). Music: Debbie Wiseman. Cinematography: Adam Suschitzky & Peter Greenhalgh. Editors: Andrew McClelland & Fiona Colbeck. Production Company: Hartswood Films, Stagescreen Productions & BBC America. 6 x 55 min episodes. 2007

A six part modernized adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson‘s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886)


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