Near Future

Los Angeles

For the purposes of this essay the ‘near future’ is within the expected lifetime of a reader or viewer.

The ‘near future’ is a moving point; for stories written in 1870 the year 1890 would have been the ‘near future’.

John Brunner‘s rote Stand on Zanzibar (1969), The Sheep Look Up (1972) and The Shockwave Rider (1975).

Robert ClouseThe Ultimate Warrior (1975) was set in 2012.

One of the most persuasive Near Futures is that of Ridley Scott‘s Blade Runner (1982).

Cyberpunk sf is typically set in the near future. William Gibson‘s Neuromancer (1984), Count Zero (1986) and Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988) are set mainly in the near future Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis (BAMA), or ”Sprawl”

  • Gibson, William, Neuromancer (1984)
  • —— Count Zero (1986)
  • —— Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988)


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