Destination Moon

Destination MoonDirector: Irving Pichel. Producer: George Pal. Screenplay: James O’Hanlon, Robert A. Heinlein & Rip Van Ronkel. Based on the novel Rocketship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein. Starring: John Archer (Jim Barnes), Warner Anderson (Dr. Charles Cargraves), Tom Powers (General Thayer), Dick Wesson (Joe Sweeney), Erin O’Brien-Moore (Emily Cargraves), Franklyn Farnum (Factory Worker), Everett Glass (Mr. La Porte), Knox Manning (Knox Manning), Woody Woodpecker (Himself). Music: Leith Stevens. Editor: Duke Goldstone. Studio: George Pal Productions. Distributor: Eagle-Lion Classics Inc. 1950. 91 mins.

Destination Moon (1950)


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