Synecdoche, New York

SynecdocheDirector: Charlie Kaufman. Producers: Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jonze, Sidney Kimmel & Anthony Bregman. Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman. Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman (Caden Cotard), Catherine Keener (Adele Lack), Samantha Morton (Hazel), Hope Davis as Madeleine Gravis), Tom Noonan (Sammy Barnathan), Emily Watson (Tammy), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Maria), Dianne Wiest (Millicent Weems), Michelle Williams (Claire Keen), Deirdre O’Connell (Mrs. Bascomb), Robin Weigert (Olive), Sadie Goldstein (4-year-old Olive), Josh Pais (Ophthalmologist). Music: Jon Brion. Cinematography: Frederick Elmes. Editor: Robert Frazen. Studio: SKE. Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics. 123 mins. 2008.

Synecdoche, New York (2008) was the first film directed by Charlie Kaufman


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