Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Life of BrianDirectorTerry Jones. Producer: John Goldstone. WritersGraham ChapmanJohn CleeseTerry GilliamEric IdleTerry Jones & Michael Palin. StarringGraham Chapman (Brian, Biggus Dickus, 2nd wise man), John Cleese (Reg, the High priest, Centurion of the Yard, Deadly Dirk, Arthur, 1st wise man), Terry Gilliam (Another person further forward at Mount, Blood and Thunder prophet, Geoffrey, Gaoler, Frank), Eric Idle (Mr Cheeky, Stan/Loretta, Harry the Haggler, Culprit woman who casts first stone, Intensely dull youth, Otto, Gaoler’s assistant, Mr Frisbee III), Terry Jones (Brian Cohen’s Mother Mandy, Colin, Simon the Holy Man, Saintly passer-by, Bob Hoskins), Michael Palin (Mr Big Nose, Francis, Mrs A, Ex-leper, Ben, Pontius Pilate, Boring Prophet, Eddie, Nisus Wettus, 3rd wise man), Kenneth Colley (Jesus Christ), Neil Innes (A weedy Samaritan), Gwen Taylor (Mrs Big Nose, Woman with sick donkey, young girl), Terence Baylor (Gregory, Dennis), Carol Cleveland (Mrs Gregory, Elsie), Charles McKeown (Man further forward (at Mount), Stig, Blind Man, False Prophet, Giggling Guard), Chris Langham (Alfonso, Giggling guard), Sue Jones-Davies (Judith Iscariot), John Young (Matthias), Bernard McKenna (Stoner’s Helper, Parvus), Spike Milligan – Spike), George Harrison (Mr Papadopoulos, uncredited). MusicGeoffrey Burgon. CinematographyPeter Biziou. EditorJulian Doyle. StudioHandMade Films. Distributors: Cinema International Corporation, (UK), Orion Pictures through Warner Bros (US). 93 mins. 1979.


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