Science Fiction & Religion

Canticle for LeibowitzReligion in sf

The Space Trilogy (or Ransom Trilogy) by C. S. Lewis is a series of Planetary Romances comprised of the novels Out of the Silent Planet (1938), Perelandra (aka Voyage to Venus, 1943) and That Hideous Strength (1945).

James Blish A Case of Conscience (1958)

Walter M. Miller‘s A Canticle for Leibowitz (1960).

Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange (1962) and The Wanting Seed (1962)

Frank Herbert‘s Dune (1965)

Roger Zelazny and Lord of Light (1967).

Three Stigmata DawPhilip K. Dick’s The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965)


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