Second Variety

The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume Two

The second volume of the collected stories of Philip K. Dick


Introduction, by Norman Spinrad

  1. The Cookie Lady
  2. Beyond the Door
  3. Second Variety
  4. Jon’s World
  5. The Cosmic Poachers
  6. Progeny
  7. Some Kinds of Life
  8. Martians Come in Clouds
  9. The Commuter
  10. The World She Wanted
  11. A Surface Raid
  12. Project: Earth
  13. The Trouble with Bubbles
  14. Breakfast at Twilight
  15. A Present for Pat
  16. The Hood Maker
  17. Of Withered Apples
  18. Human Is
  19. Adjustment Team
  20. The Impossible Planet
  21. Impostor
  22. James P. Crow
  23. Planet for Transients
  24. Small Town
  25. Souvenir
  26. Survey Team
  27. Prominent Author



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