Dark Star

Dark Star posterDirector:  John Carpenter. Producer:  John Carpenter. Screenplay:  John Carpenter & Dan O’Bannon. Starring Dan O’Bannon (Sgt. Pinback), Brian Narelle (Lt. Doolittle), Cal Kuniholm (Boiler), Dre Pahich (Talby), Cookie Knapp (Computer), Alan Sheretz (Bomb #19), Adam Beckenbaugh (Bomb #20), Miles Watkins (Mission Control), Nick Castle (Alien). Music: John Carpenter. Cinematography: Douglas Knapp. Editor: Dan O’Bannon. Distributor: Jack H. Harris Enterprises Inc. 83 mins. 1974

Bombed Out in Space with a Spaced out Bomb

Dark Star (1974) was a low-budget science fiction movie directed by John Carpenter.


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